Welcome to the website dedicated to the Central European monobrand Cup of the iconic Mazda MX-5 ND.

Weight below 1000kg, power of almost 200KM, RWD drive, reliability, lap time on the Poznań Track 1:49. These parameters speak for themselves!

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The Cup consists of four racing weekends as part of the WSMP, one weekend together with the ETRC (European Truck Racing Championship) and one weekend as part of the ESET Cup.



The organizer and leader of the Cup is UNITEL Motorsport sp. z o.o. in the person of Marcin and Krzysztof Siadkowski. Mazda Motor Poland is the patron of the entire project. The team also includes Armin Kassai – acting as the coordinator of the Cup, a long-term organizer of the KIA Platinum Cup and Grzegorz Gac – responsible for the PR, professionally Eurosport commentator, who was also a rally pilot.

To participate in the Cup you will need a racing license and driver’s equipment. You can rent or buy one of our cars. You have the freedom to choose the team that will service your car.

The competitors will fight for the title of the Polish Champion of the Polish Motor Racing Championship.

Organizator Pucharu