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Mazda MX5-ND-2 Roadster manufactured March 2021. Car is equipped with Mazda 2.0 L SkyActiv-G (PE-VPS) DOHC I4 1998cc engine, SkyActiv-MT 6-speed manual transmission and 2.866 ratio LSD rear differential. Cooling of the engine, transmission and differential have been added. Stock engine, gearbox and diff.

The car is almost serial 🙂 The changes are:

  • modifications to the floor on the driver’s side to fix the seat supports,
  • disassembly of the front headlights and the use of plugs,
  • disassembly of front daytime running lights and use of front brake cooling elements,
  • disassembly of side windows,
  • removal of the roof,
  • removal of the passenger seat, carpets and soundproofing, as well as bituminous masses from the inside of the body,
  • modification or removal of fasteners inside the body in order to guide the safety cage elements,
  • removal of unused brackets and protruding pins so that there are no sharp edges,
  • permanent plugging of all openings in the body,
  • modification of the dashboard for the passage of safety cage pipes,
  • disassembly of the compressor and other elements of the air conditioning system,
  • modification of the intake system,
  • removal of circuits of unnecessary receivers, such as: air conditioning, airbags, audio system, rear wipers,
  • replacement of suspension elements with Hardrace parts with numbers: 8540, 8541, 7957, 7956, 8548, 8544, Q0682, Ohlins shock absorbers and springs,
  • mounting wheel spacers with a thickness of 20 mm,
  • replacement of flexible brake hoses with aviation type hoses,
  • replacement of the front brake calipers with STOPTECH parts numbered 83.556.GV00.A7,
  • replacement of brake discs and pads with STOPTECH parts with numbers: left disc – 126.45087SL, right disc – 126.45087SR, brake pads 309.11800,
  • removal of front and rear brake disc covers,
  • remove the steering lock,
  • six-point seat belts with FIA homologation,
  • certified FIA safety cage,
  • FIA-approved fire extinguishing system,
  • electric switch (circuit break),
  • side and top net attached to the safety structure,
  • sports seat with FIA homologation,
  • front and rear towing towing eyes.

Full FIA homologation and sports car book.


  • laminate roof
  • 3x6m aluminum tent
  • 6 extra rims

Price PLN 160,000 net

Possible to buy:

  • new Hankook wet tires (EUR 180 net/unit)
  • used Hankook slick tires (EUR 100 net/unit)
  • ADU Ecu-Master display (4000 PLN net)
  • pads, discs and other consumables.
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